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75 years of Independent India and more than 82 years of the NEW MUNNI LAL KISHOR CHAND Saraf, resulted in the formation of its evolved identity MUNNI LAL KISHOR CHAND SARRAF. The fundamental existence has been revamped to cater to the needs of the newer audience in and around Uttar Pradesh.


Welcome to NMLKC World, where customers are assured of the widest range, stunning designs, guaranteed purity and quality and a pleasant shopping experience. At NMLKC center values lies in the understanding that a women’s relationship with her jewellery goes beyond only a specific designs or gems and turns into an indispensable piece of her actual soul and style.


As a family jewellers, we are 4th Generation jewellers with its essence deep rooted in tradition, family values and relations; NMLKC Jewellers believes in creating quality jewellery and building relationships with clients. The brand has been advancing with the changing needs of present day Indian woman while remaining consistent with its conventional roots. We Commit to make the best building up jewelleries. Starting with the noble thought of offering jewellery in contemporary designs at affordable prices, NMLKC SARRAF is consistently delivering quality, authenticity, innovation, and happiness through transparent business practices for the past 83 years.


We have been in the jewellery business for over two and a half decades, and have become a trusted consumer brand since then. Whatever the occasion may be, an engagement, birthday, wedding, anniversary, or gifting yourself, we are here to bring happiness to you and your loved ones.


Our vision: To provide world-class quality jewellery at affordable prices to everyone


“Our motto: Jewellery an affordable luxury”


Our Mission: Bring together the finest craftsmen and designers to give the best buying experience to our customers


MISSION - "To fulfill the combined needs of the jewellery consumers in all respects – product, service and information such that they appreciate the value of all they derive and think of us fondly as their preferred choice for generations to come."

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