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1. What is your jewellery made of?

All my jewellery is made of Gold, silver, brass, copper, natural polki, diamonds, precious & semi-precious stones and pearls, or a blend of all of these unless otherwise specified in the description. I source my own stones and then have them carved by a few of the best karigars in India, who are also experienced makers of fine jewellery. Some products are gold plated, while most have an antique finish, which means they might appear faded and will (hopefully) look like heirloom pieces the more they’re worn. I’m happy to re-plate them when needed, or use different materials or finishes according to your requirement. If you’re wondering like many others whether copper and gold brass rings will turn your fingers green, you should know this varies from person to person, depending on the moisture content in their skin. Pro tip: Paint clear nail polish on the inside of the ring to protect your fingers (and the ring).

2. What is Thappa jewllery ?

Thappa jewellery is a type of jewellery that is made with precious stones or old-cut diamonds (Polkies) between gold foils, with the foils all-around further highlighting stone setting. Multiple layers of them are strung together to make intricate patterns and bold statement jewellery. •

This traditional art form uses a thin high purity gold foil as opposed to a solid lattice that's used in Jadau. The artisans first beat the gold into thin sheets or foils that are arranged and set to shape, forming the base structure according to the ornament, i.e., a necklace or earring. Once the shape is in place, the setting is chemically washed to clean off any impurities. Once dry, the gems are placed on a gold sheet with a tree sap called 'Laakh' or 'Lac' for sticking it. The gold foils are then arranged in the gaps between the stones, and multiple layers are added on, one after the other to create a sturdy frame.

Now that the stones are set, the gold is lightly heated to cover the edges smoothly. Lastly, the engraver cuts off the excess work patterns onto them, and a final polish is applied to complete the object. • The fact that these collectables are also fully handcrafted with real diamond Polkies, often allows big retailers to sell them at prices relatable to Jadau jewellery. Ideally, however, having a thin gold foil implies that the gold content is much lesser & hence the prices should correspondingly be much lesser too. Thappa Jewellery: •

These collectables are fully handcrafted with real diamond polkies, set in a gold foil of purity 23K. • Gold 'foil' does NOT mean gold plated - it's approx 0.05 mm thick (standard household foil is typically 0.016 mm) • Such jewellery should be handled with care since it is likely to break on heavy impact •

3. What is the resale value of my Thappa Jewellery and how can i resale it?

Resale value is 50% of amount paid while purchasing To be eligible for a resale, your item must be in the same condition that you received it. In the event of any item not being in its original condition, having being damaged, only partial refunds are granted.

4. Where can we see more designs?

You may visit our instagram page. If you wish to view something specific that is not available on the website, you may contact us on Whatsapp - +(91) 9167653531

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